Mossley Escorts

A Mossley OL3 Escort's Guide to Choosing the Right Lipstick Colour

It's no secret how much Mossley OL3 Escorts love to wear lipstick. In fact, that hint of red, pink or nude can really complete any look and make any woman feel more beautiful and sexy. This is why it's very important for every Mossley OL3 Escort to know how to choose the right lipstick colour.

Know your skin tone. The first and probably most important step in choosing the right lipstick colour, is to determine which among the five main types of skin colours you belong. Knowing if you're fair, light, tan, medium or dark is a great starting point to know which shades of lipstick fits you.

  • If you're fair or light like most Mossley OL3 Escorts, you'll look great wearing corals, nudes and dusty red shades.
  • If you're medium, mauve lipstick colours as well as berries and cherry reds would be your perfect options.
  • If you're tan, you can wear just about any lipstick colour, which most escorts Mossley OL3 dream about, except for deep purple and brown shades.
  • If you're dark, on the other hand, brown and purple hues like wines, plums and caramels would look good on you.

Know your skin undertone. To further help you decide which lipstick colour to wear on your appointments as a Mossley OL3 Escort, you also need to learn about your skin undertone.

  • If you have cool undertones, nudes and mochas would are great if you have fair or light skin, cranberries and pinks are great for medium skin and wines and rubies are perfect for tans and darks.
  • If you have warm undertones, peaches and pale pinks would be great if you have light or fair skin and copper and bronze shades are perfect for other skin tones.
  • Neutrals generally work for almost every skin undertone.

Know the shape of your lips. A lot of Mossley OL3 Escorts don't know this, but it's also very important to know the shape of your lips to decide which shade is perfect for you. For instance, if you have bottom heavy lips, you can choose a colour that suits your skin undertone and mix it with a bit of nude in the middle of your upper lip. If you have top heavy lips, on the other hand, you can use bright lipstick at the bottom of your lips and use a darker shade of the same colour on your upper lip.