Higher End Escorts

Challenges and Health Concerns Faced by Higher End Escorts

There are different challenges to working as a Higher End escort. Like any other profession, various problems and issues can arise while in the field. One of these major problems is when clients request for intimate encounters with a Higher End escort. For that, we're going to be discussing about some kinds of STDs and infections so that you, as a working Higher End escort will be knowledgeable enough.

Genital warts

The usual symptom that manifests to those who have this condition is the presence of sores in the genital area and sometimes, it can also be present in the mouth and throat. So as an active Higher End escort, you have to be on the lookout for small bumps around these areas.

They are itchy but not painful. Also, contrary to popular belief, these warts don't cause cancer. Take note that when you have a physical encounter as a Higher End escort, it may develop from six weeks to six months from contracting it.

Our bodies are natural healers so it may be able to ward off the virus on its own. But being a responsible Higher End escort, you should see an OB or general practitioner so that you will be sure that the warts are gone for good. They might prescribe medication that you can apply by yourself or with the help of the doctor.


Unlike genital warts, this condition that can be contracted by a cheap Higher End escort manifests through itchy open sores in the groin and around the sexual region. In addition, its symptoms appear early from four to ten days after infection. They usually appear to be similar in nature with syphilis and herpes so you as a responsible Higher End escort should immediately visit a doctor to get yourself tested. If positive, take treatments right away so that you can resume your work as a Higher End escort as soon as possible.


Probably the most common type of STI, Gonorrhea is easily passed from a client to a Higher End escort or vice versa through sexual encounter. Four out of five Higher End escorts won't have any symptoms but if they do occur, it may include pain during urination, bleeding between periods, pain in the abdomen and fever. There will also be irregular discharge from the Higher End escort's vagina as well as pain during bowel movements.

Your doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics for treatment so make sure that you take their advice seriously. Higher End escorts who leave this condition untreated may suffer from adverse effects in the future.