New photos

Discerning Escorts with their Old or New photos

One of the main attractions of escorts that can draw clients in is their online new photos. That's why it's not surprising that they fill their portfolio with the sexiest, most provocative images they can find of themselves.

However, this is also where the confusion of their clients comes in. Both old and new photos can mislead men's expectations about the escort of their dreams. That's why, most escort agencies employ their inhouse photographer so that clients can be assured that new photos of escorts are not doctored.

Role of escort agency in using real new photos

A reputable agency goes to great lengths just so they can provide their clients the best service. This starts with making sure that the new photos posted by their escorts are genuine.

With these kinds of agencies, they provide the client with a wide range of appealing escort pictures, those that show their real curves and stature. In fact, some sexy escorts can easily pass off as catwalk models much like those strutting in a VS fashion show. They also ensure that the ladies are not just great looking in new photos, but are also captivating when it comes to their personality. If clients are to compare these beautiful escorts with runway models, the difference is that not just in their physical appeal but also in the way they handle clients.

Escorts vs runway models

Escorts with new photos or not in their portfolio have that inner smile and warm personality that will draw their clients in. Most commercial models on the other hand, are aloof and lack the passion to please. That's why clients shouldn't just go to the first pretty face they see with new photos online. 

They also have to read reviews and discern what other clients have already said about any particular escort. They need to determine that the new photos posted are 100% and no heavy editing has been made.

Aside from realistic new photos, a great way to be at ease is when booking an escort is when you control the environment you're in. So an outcall is always advisable for blokes who are not too confident yet in hiring the services of escorts with new photos.
Aside from that, you have total privacy too and don't run the risk of being seen by neighbors or worse, family members.

The takeaway

With that said, we hope you've learned a thing or two about the importance of real new photos so that your escort experience will be one for the books.