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Lingerie Talks: Four Pieces Every Escort Should Have in Her Wardrobe

A lot of Monton M30 escorts often splurge on dresses, shoes and accessories, but not on one of the most important pieces of their wardrobe, the lingerie. But if you ask any model or fashion expert, your lingerie builds the foundation of your entire look because it doesn't only make you look good; it also makes you feel good about yourself.

So, what are the four key pieces of lingerie that every Monton M30 escort should have in her wardrobe?


For centuries, Monton M30 escorts have worn corsets to make them look curvier and feel sexier. Men have always defined being sexy as someone with a smaller waistline, so Monton M30 escorts wore corsets to achieve that look, even if it meant enduring the pain and discomfort for hours. Thankfully, corsets today are already more comfortable to wear and you don't have to suffer through the painful cinching. You can use a corset underneath a gown or dress and pair it with stockings that can be attached on a garter.


The bikini is a staple to any Monton M30 escort's wardrobe because it's sexy yet still leaves something to the imagination. It can also be worn alone or with a bra or lace camisole that instantly makes any outfit look and feel a lot sexier.


Monton M30 escorts who are not as gifted in the cleavage department have the bustier as their best friend. This lingerie is basically an extended bra top that enhances your cleavage but covers most of your torso. It's perfect for fitted gowns and tops where you want your client to really appreciate your bust and make him think about how you look like when you're already alone with him in the bedroom.


A lot of escorts Monton M30 have been hooked with bodysuits because they drape the body perfectly with lace that instantly makes them feel a lot sexier. Also called a teddy, the bodysuit looks like a one-piece swimwear and it offers just the right amount of coverage that the escort Monton M30 needs.

Some Monton M30 escorts also love wearing see-through bodysuits because they're comfortable and sexy at the same time. Shopping for the perfect lingerie is very important for any Monton M30 escort. In fact, it's one of the best investments any escort Monton M30 could make for herself and her career, and these four key pieces are great foundations for her wardrobe.