Student Escorts

The Five Rules Every Student Escort Must Know About Safety

When you decided to be a student escort, you already knew that it would be an amazing experience. But what you might not know about is that being one of the most popular student escorts also has its share of risks and dangers. The good news is, you can keep yourself safe while enjoying your time as a student escort by following these five rules:

Leave your personal documents at home.

All student escorts know this one very important rule and it's something that you should follow in your career as a student escort. Whenever you go to appointments, always leave any personal documents at home.

Most student escorts would only bring some money and their mobile phone with them to meetings with clients, and leave anything that reveals their personal identity like credit cards and other identifications.

Save the outcalls for longtime clients.

As a student escort, it's very important to be cautious when accepting bookings because some clients may take advantage of you. As a general rule, all student escorts should never accept bookings for outcall service for new clients. Meeting a client for the first time is better done in the confines of a hotel room or any space that you prefer instead of the other way around. Save outcalls for loyal clients who you already know and trust.

Stay in control of your appointments.

Student escorts usually make the mistake of having too much fun and forgetting that they're actually in an appointment. While there's no harm in having a good time, it's also very important to stay in control of your appointments. Make sure that you only drink as much alcohol as you can tolerate because being drunk limits your ability to make the right decisions, which could put you in a bad situation. Treat every appointment as a business transaction where you need to be professional at all times.

Always stand your ground.

Finally, being new in the business, it's easy to think that you have to do everything to get a booking and make clients come back for more. But you don't have to, especially if it means putting yourself at risk for dangers. Stand your ground in every appointment and do only the things that were agreed on your terms of service. If a client is negotiating for something that you don't want to do, you always have the option to cancel the booking and walk away.